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Signs 4 Me

We manufacture signs from a wide range
of materials for almost every application.

ADA Signs

All ADA Signs are made to meet the specifications of the Americans with Disability Act. If a sign identifies a permanent room or space within a facility or is meant to instruct, notify, or name a functional spaces or feature of the facility, then it must comply with ADA Guidelines.

Code 505 Signs

This new law, 3 RCNY 505-01 has set specific standards and requirements for the design and placement of entrance door signs  for dwelling units (apartments, guest rooms and sleeping rooms), as well as installing building lobby and hallway corridor directional signs.

The law requires that building owners mark apartment entrance doors with emergency markings that serve to assist firefighters, first responders and building occupants to identify apartment numbers in smoke conditions that obscure the regular (eye-level) apartment door number signs. These required low mounted apartment door signs ensure  firefighters can more quickly conduct search and rescue operations.